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InAndon Karaoke System 1TB 25000 songs ( UK Stock )

InAndon Karaoke System 1TB 25000 songs ( UK Stock )
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  Item Description

 InAndon Karaoke System 1TB

 Features :

 1.Select songs by Dynamic 3D, creating the dynamic 3D interactive times,enjoy stereo fun.

 2.Support dual high definition image output – HDMI and VGA output, it gives you full visual enjoyment in a high definition world.

 3.Support iPhone, Android smart phone, iPad, tablet PCs and other wireless song, make your tablet and phone to become

    the most convenient remote control.

 4.The cloud download : For the cloud song download,you can download the song in real time on the network in different categories

    which are hottest, newest, popular, dance, classic, nostalgia, television episode, chorus, different languages & singers.It can

    let you find the song quickly as you want.

 5.Private song library design, you can find your favorite songs within 3 seconds.

 6.Support USB playback, can play the U disk movies, MP3 music, video conference, and pictures etc.

 7.USB high speed adding songs is faster 10 times than the common one.

 8.Support VGA.You can use the remote control to delete the songs that you don't want freely or delete the songs by USB batch.

 9.Support double hard disks up to 4T, support touch screen ordering songs

10.Support for external wireless USB card.

11.Disarrange and recover the requested songs.

12. Support MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MKV, AVI, DAT, VOB,MPG, WMV, MP3, WAV.


Specifications :

Audio Connector: 1 Pair (R.L.)

Video Connector: HDMI , AV

VGA Connector: 1

Touch Screen RJ45 : 1

Mouse Connector : 1

USB Connector : 1

Demension: 320x48x210(mm)

Weight: 2.5KGS

Power Supply : 110VAC / 220VAC

Power Input: DC 12V

Power: 45W

Frenquency: 20HZ-20KHZ

Resolution Ratio: 1280x720

Received Frequency : IR38KHZ

Distortion Degree: < 0.01%


  Demand interface:



Initial 3D virtual reality selection, unique 3D dual-core processor, creating the dynamic 3D interactive times and bring the entertainment into a 3D world.
Support HDMI output, can connect LCD and LED perfectly, It also can meet to the input of jumbo size display equipment.
Initial 3D virtual reality selection, unique 3D dual-core processor, creating the dynamic 3D interactive times and bring the entertainment into a 3D world.
Credit Roll will make the user know the name of the next songs.
When the users choose many songs and want a new selected list, they can press the “random” key.
Support multi-language, we’ll supply the MUI, including the English, Vietnamese, Thai (language) etc; It can meet the global consumer’s satisfactions.
For the “Handwriting” function, the users can use touch screen or mouse to experience it. The system recognition rate can reach to 99%.
Up and down, right and left, 360°omni bearing sliding screen function. The users needn’t to press the “Next” key to enter into the next page, just need to sliding the screen.
After the customer press the “Random” key, and he or she want recover the original song list, he can press the “Recover” key.
Support connects to the IR Touch screen.
Multi-skin interface can be switchover freely; the users can choose the optimum skin for themselves in different occasions.
Select singer and then choose the songs, the users can nichetargeting select their favorite songs.
Selecting songs by spelling, the users can use a visual way to select themselves favorite songs.
Setting the serial code for all the songs, it’s very convenient for the user to find the songs they liked through the songbook by serial code.
Adding the Private songs library, the users can add the new songs into his Private song library, after that the users can find their favorite songs in a short time.
Beautiful dance music, make you show your dance steps feel freely.
Hot songs rank list. The songs you select the most times, it’ll be the No.1 in the hot songs rank list.
The beautiful icon will show you a beautiful VOD interface; the VOD process will be bright and colorful.


**The price includes the shipping fee.



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