P10 LED Display Board
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P6 LED Display Board
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P6 LED Display Board

P6 LED Display Board
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LED Display Boards



Companies and businesses often struggle to answer the question, “What is the solution to attracting new customers?” And the answer to that is very simple, and very effective, and it is LED display boards.

If you cannot draw customers in, even if you have the best service or products available, you will not be able to stand in the competitive market of today. Whilst traditional adverts give a lot of information, LED display boards are able to draw customers in for a better look.

LED display boards have been used in many different companies in a wide range of industries to attract customers.


We have LED display boards supply for both indoor and outdoor applications, where indoor LED display boards pitch range come in at P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6 and P10, whereas for outdoor we have P6 and P10, giving you quite a range to choice from. Outdoor LED displays are made to be weather-proof, so under different weather conditions, our LED displays will still be able to operate without any problems.

We are able to build to size of your requirement, so however big or small you need your boards to be, we will be able to make it for you.


Common uses of LED display boards include:

Shop sign displaying your company and your logo, or doing advertisement for your products using images and pictures

Retail industries can utilise the use of LED displays by showing what they have for sale, what offers they have for customers.

Entertainment industries are able to show previews of upcoming shows and events.

Food and catering industries are able to display appetizing images and specialities of their restaurants or cafe.



Long life span 100,000+ hours

Full colour display

Capable of displaying texts, custom shapes, animations, images, pictures, videos

Capable of displaying multiple languages

Time and date display

Pixel pitch available: P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P10

Indoor and outdoor applications available

Low power consumption

Custom content edit from computer


Special Offers!

LED Display Board

We are currently having special offers on two LED display boards! All of which are full colour displays. Information can be changed at any time whenever you need.

Capable of displaying text, images, photos and videos.

Text can be input and displayed in multiple languages including English.

Audio output is also available if you are playing videos with sound.

Weather-proof for outdoor purpose.

1 year warranty inclusive.

Images and video demonstrations are below:

led sign 3

led sign 4

led sign 6


A video example can be seen from below


For more information please visit this website:



P6 Display Board

Dimension: 1040mm x 480 mm x 100mm

Pixel Pitch: 6mm

RRP: £1599


***All our LED products are assembled in UK.***


**The price includes the shipping fee.




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